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Magic Beat Electron Tesla Coil

Magic Beat Electron Tesla Coil

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This music has the function of wireless transmission and loudspeaker, can light gaseous tube and kind of bubbles.It is a perfect teaching tool to spark students' interest of science, also a great gift.

- Desktop-level integrated mini solid state Tesla coil finished product, made of PCB, highly integrated, cleaning and safe.
- Square-wave music can be played to increase its playability.
- It is a perfect teaching tool to spark students' interest of science, also can be a fine gift.
- You only need to twists an electric-pin and plug-in the powersource to experience the charm of palms-lightn.
- Direct current power adapter, no other accessories, no grounding needed.
- With heat dissipation system, it is safer. 

- Supply voltage : 110 - 240V AC 50/60Hz To 48V 2A DC
- Powers: 0-100W
- Light length: 0-10cm (adjustable by a knob)
- Input voltage: direct current 48V 2A
- Material: PCB
- Extinguishing frequency :7Hz-50HZ
- Item size: 100 * 100 * 61mm / 4.1* 4.1 * 2.4in
- Package size: 210 * 140 * 110mm / 8.3 * 5.5 * 4.3in
- Package weight: 900g / 2.0lb

Packing List:
- 1 * Tesla Coil


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